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A number of game servers are hosted on Annabelle & Seraphine. You are free to use them, but they come without any support of any kind.
All gameservers are tested on Windows 10 (and later), Debian Bookworm (and later), and macOS Monterey (and later). No support for earlier operating systems is planned, but the games may work if you try them.


Game Version Modified Linux Windows MacOS Notes
Lineage II Java (L2J) High Five Part 5 No "Download L2 H5P5".

On Linux, you can either run $ seda-games --install (if you have Seda's Enhancements) or manually unpack the file archive and run l2launcher_linux; you will need Wine installed and configured already. It is recommended that you have the following settings for your Wineprefix; Win10/WindowManagerNoDecorate for winecfg, and $ winetricks isolate_home xinput corefonts tahoma msxml4 d3dx9 dxvk d3dcompiler_47 d3dcompiler_42 d3dcompiler_43. A prefix on its own is best.

"Download L2 H5P5".

On Windows you will need the "Microsoft MSXML 4.0 Service Pack 3 (Microsoft XML Core Services)". installed.

"Download L2 H5P5".

On macOS, you must disable SIP before you can run this type of Windows game. You can do this by running csrutil disable in a terminal from the recovery environment. Once done the Application Bundle simply needs to be dragged to either the system or user Applications folder. This game does not run very well on Apple Silicon (M1) based computers, that is being worked on.

Download the High Five client from the links present - do note that this is a stock L2J server, and has all the bugs found "here".. If you want to help fix bugs, please contribute to the L2J project directly as we do not maintain any fork.
7 Days to Die (7DTD) Alpha 21.2 Yes "Purchase via Steam".

(Any user terminal. Please copy and paste completely)
wget -O /tmp/Mods.tar.gz "" && tar -xvf /tmp/Mods.tar.gz -C ~/.local/share/7DaysToDie/

"Purchase via Steam".

(Right-click start -> Termnal/Powershell (not the admin one))
Invoke-WebRequest -OutFile $env:temp\Mods.tar.gz ; tar -xvf $env:temp\Mods.tar.gz -C $env:APPDATA\7DaysToDie\

"Purchase via Steam".

(Terminal application)
curl -o /tmp/Mods.tar.gz "" && tar -xvf /tmp/Mods.tar.gz -C ~/Library/Application\ Support/7DaysToDie/

How to :

1. Download the Alpha 21.2 release of 7DTD from Steam.

2. Run the following command below the link appropriate for your operating system from a user Terminal or PowerShell.

3. Launch the game, connecting to

Minecraft Latest Stable No "Purchase via Microsoft".
"Purchase via Microsoft".
"Purchase via Microsoft".
A license for Minecraft Java Edition is required. The server is located at, on a default port.