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Seda's Enhancements uses Mumble & Element for secure communications.
Element has great text chat capabilities, but it's voice communication features are rudimentary at this time. Mumble has fantastic voice capability (it is in all likelihood the best), but poor text chat capabilities. Both offer solid encryption, so until improvements to either of them replace the other, both will be used.

Mumble Element
To join the server, use as the hostname. The first time you connect, you should register yourself with the server (via Self -> Register) to claim that name so that nobody else can use it.

Website: "".
Download: "".
Debian: # apt-get install mumble

Mumble is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) software, capable of low latency voice communication with strong encryption. This allows people to communicate without their conversations being intercepted or recorded by a third party. For example, as the Mumble developers don't control a central server and Mumble communication is done via privately hosted servers, not even the Mumble authors can listen in on your communications.

If you are using Windows, download the latest 64-bit build. For Linux, use your package manager. As this is a natively packaged application, Seda's Enhancements won't deploy it - you'll need to use apt.

To join the server, use this "invite link"..

Website: "".
Download: "".
Debian: See the download page, or use Seda's Enhancements if you have it.

Element is an end-to-end encrypted messaging program with voice and video capabilities. This is an absolutely fantastic project, but we've found its lack of voice rooms is currently a little frustrating (hence our continued use of Mumble). That being said, it offers an easy to use interface for chat on all platforms with top-notch security and privacy, where your conversations are your conversations; they cannot be intercepted or censored by anyone - even the Element developers.