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Latest VersionSeda's Enhancements 2024
Predecessor(s)Delta Network Scripts

Seda's Enhancements is the name of a set of scripts, documentation, and menu entries designed as a companion for Debian GNU/Linux.


Early Predecessors

The first framework created by Seda for use on workstations was known as the Slate Content Management System - this is not related to the usual description of a CMS when it comes to web applications. Slate was meant to be a foundation for other scripts to build on to make it easier to deploy consistent configurations across several computers.

Delta Network Scripts

The first attempts to make the scripts more generic and less system-specific was in late-2012. The scripts were made to operate on a network, and as the network was designated Delta they were called the Delta Network Scripts. Originally a copy of Slate, the scripts changed over time and by the end of 2014 contained no code from the original Slate project.

Seda's Enhancements

In 2018, the scripts were re-written to be far more generic and not require any advance knowledge of the existing system.