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Seda's Enhancements now has a bug tracker to provide technical support for customers.

How to use :

1. Go here https://bugs.affsdiary.com/
2. Register an account / login
Seda's Enhancements bug registration/login

3. Remember to switch this to Windows if you are reporting about Windows
Seda's Enhancements bug report option

4. Report your bug(s)
Seda's Enhancements bug report button Seda's Enhancements bug report button

5. I will either try to fix them or tell you why it is not possible to fix/do. The response notification will also be sent to your registered email - therefore, please make sure to check it as well.

What can be reported :

1. Any bugs
2. Problems with Windows, macOS, Linux, or any piece of software
3. Problems with a game(s) you are trying to run.

Attempts to solve it will be kept in one thread, viewable by other subscribers. You decide when an issue is solved.


Seda's Enhancements is currently looking for feedbacks until the end of May on the following :

1. Is the tracker easy to use?
2. Is it easy to sign up / post a bug?
3. Is it easy to follow a bug thread?

After May 2024, it will cost $2.95 AUD/month for subscriber access for those that do not already have a Seda's Enhancements subscription.